Center of Excellence (CoE) Is Dead
Center of Excellence (CoE) Is Dead; Long Live the New CoE!
February 12, 2019 | 11:00 am EST
In this webinar, we’ll discuss the limitations of the traditional Center of Excellence as well as present a more agile alternative, designed to help companies achieve true scalability amidst an increasingly spread-out world.

Our discussion will include:
  • A checklist for evaluating your marketing operations needs
  • An ROI comparison of a centralized vs. decentralized model
  • A live demonstration of Jeto, a web-based application using the Marketo API
Our speakers will be:

Alexandre Pelletier
Alexandre Pelletier
CEO, Perkuto
Catherine Champoux
Catherine Champoux
VP Customer Success and Partner Alliance, Perkuto

Registration is free, and, as an added bonus, we’ll give Starbucks gift cards to three lucky webinar participants, because after all, it is a coffee MUG!