Your marketing CAN thrive in a GDPR world!

Prepare thoroughly. Market fearlessly. Download The GDPR Toolkit, loaded with practical resources to help marketers succeed with Marketo amidst a new, regulated environment:

  • The Marketo Client’s Guide to GDPR Compliancewhat you need to know about GDPR plus a checklist to help your organization prepare
  • GDPR FAQ eBook: Legal Questions. Straightforward Answersanswers to commonly asked questions without the legalese
  • GDPR Data Processor Compliance Assessmenthow to evaluate if your partners, contractors and MarTech stack are GDPR compliant
  • GDPR Marketing Communications LookBookcreative suggestions and visual examples for post-GDPR marketing. A Toolkit exclusive!
  • Fearless Marketing in a GDPR World webinar presentationas presented by Michelle Miles at Marketo Summit 2018